New Mexico Health Connections | my connection | Fall 2018

{ FALL 2018 | FOR MEMBERS OF NEW MEXICO HEALTH CONNECTIONS } T his year, the federal government’s open enrollment period for 2019 health coverage is Nov. 1 through Dec. 15 . Open enrollment is for individuals buying health insurance both on and off the Exchange (also called the Marketplace, or ). If you have individual or family health coverage, you can compare health plans and enroll in a 2019 plan during this six-week period. Here are some tips to make open enrollment go smoothly for you: 1.  Find a broker. A broker (also called an agent or a producer) can provide advice, answer your questions and help you choose the best health plan for your needs. To find a list of brokers who are licensed to sell our health plans, call our sales department at 505-322-2360 or 855-808-3568 toll-free. You can also search for a broker online at . 2. See what’s new for 2019. To browse our 2019 plans and rates, and to enroll in a New Mexico Health Connections (NMHC) plan either on or off the Exchange, please visit . 3. Understand when and why your subscriber ID number might change. For example, if you previously had a plan you purchased on OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD STARTS NOV. 1 What you need to know { D O N ’ T F O R G E T T O E N R O L L Y O U R N E W B O R N B A B Y O N Y O U R P L A N } Do you have a new addition to the family? Congratulations! We wish your baby the best of health. Please remember that for your newborn to be covered on your NMHC health plan, you must enroll him or her within 31 days of birth . To add the baby to your plan, go to and click on the “Online Member Applicant Portal” button, or download a Coverage Change form from our website, . but switched to a plan you purchased directly from NMHC, you would receive a new ID number. 4. Update your auto-payment amount, if necessary. • If your subscriber ID number changes as described above, you must set up a new automatic payment. You may do that either by logging in to your E-Bill Express account at or by completing and sub- mitting a new Automated Clearing House form. You can find this form on . • If you have your automatic payment set up to draft a certain amount that is different from your new premium for 2019, you must update your current automatic payment to reflect the new payment amount. Log in to your E-Bill Express account to do this. • If you don’t update your auto-payment amount, you could have billing problems later, fall behind on your premium and may receive a termination notice. • We want you to have continuous coverage, so please be sure your account reflects your correct 2019 premium amount. • Need help? Call our billing department directly at 505-300-4282 .